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A Look on Xanax Impact from the Point of Reproductive Health

Xanax is a potent remedy, which works in the human brain. However, there are various adverse effects induced by this drug, which can affect reproductive health and pregnancy.

Xanax and its impact on sexual health

It’s not rare that medications affect the human ability to conceive or even have sex. Xanax (active ingredient Alprazolam) is one of such medications. It is commonly prescribed to deal with anxiety disorders, panic, and a number of other health conditions, which themselves can worsen your performance in bed.

 Xanax is targeted at balancing special chemicals in the human brain to diminish the annoying symptoms. However, its calming effect spreads on sexual health too. So, let’s have a look at the changes in sexual and reproductive health that may happen when on Xanax.

Xanax or libido? What to choose?

One of the possible unwanted reactions to Xanax is a decrease in sexual desire. It is commonly explained by slowing down the nerve impulse transition processes. Xanax, affecting the human brain and working as a calming preparation changes male and female reactions to sexual stimulation lowering it. Hence, they don’t get the satisfaction they used to have before the therapy with Xanax. So, it’s natural that the absence of pleasure in sex makes this activity “useless” and people lose their libido.

Poor erection? Xanax may be to blame

One of the possible complications of poor libido in men on Xanax is difficulties with getting and keeping an erection. The exact core of the problem is still to be studied, but its interconnection with Xanax intake is obvious.

The major theory about why do men on Xanax have difficulties with erectile function again returns us to the slowing down of the CNS activity.  As a result, the brain either doesn’t get the needed nerve impulses to cause an erection or they are too weak to sustain a firm and durable erection that would be enough for sexual intercourse.

 Low libido naturally adds to the male inability to get an erection. Besides, taking into account the conditions, which are commonly cured with Xanax, a conclusion can be made that the erectile dysfunction in such men may also be caused by psychological reasons.

Xanax and female menstrual cycle

Not only men but also women may suffer various Xanax adverse effects influencing their sexual health and reproductive capacity. Absence of periods or as it is also called amenorrhea is one of the probable results of Xanax intake. It is possible because of the drug’s effect on the female hormonal balance.

The main reason why the menstruation stops or gets irregular is an increase in the levels of prolactin – a hormone, which is naturally secreted in big amounts during pregnancy and lactation. No period means that ovulation doesn’t happen either. Hence, a woman loses her ability to conceive.

Another problem, which may arise from high prolactin levels, is the production of breast milk in women who are not pregnant and didn’t give birth to a child.

Pregnancy and Xanax. Are these two compatible?

Thoughts concerning Xanax safety during pregnancy may vary, yet the truth is that this medication belongs to the pregnancy category D. It means that there is evidence of risk for the fetus if a pregnant woman takes Xanax. However, if the potential benefits for an expectant mother outweigh the potential risks for the baby, this medication may be prescribed.

The use of Xanax during the first trimester of pregnancy is tied with the risks of congenital anomalies in the babies. One of the studies covering 411 pregnancies in women taking Xanax therapy revealed that in 3% of cases the children had inborn abnormalities. About 11% of women had spontaneous fetal losses, almost 64% of pregnancies ended up in healthy babies birth.

However, the threat for the fetus gets extremely high in the third trimester of pregnancy. Xanax is known as a drug, which can cause addiction. In expectant mothers, the threat spreads not only on the woman but also on her fetus. Intake of Xanax shortly before childbirth may trigger severe withdrawal syndrome symptoms in the newborns. That’s why it is better to avoid Xanax in the first and the third trimesters of pregnancy.



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