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A Video Series with David Calof:

Rage Reduction

David Calof Videos"We therapists are far more identified with our patients' pain and suffering and loss than we are with the other side of the split, that is, rage, revenge, perpetration...Those feelings, like any other difficult affect, need to be processed through in the therapy."– David Calof

Clients in the process of recovery from childhood abuse go through a necessary rageful stage. Expressing these affects is an important part of healing, but action-oriented techniques are impractical in many therapeutic settings. In these two videos David Calof discusses and demonstrates hypnotherapeutic techniques for rage reduction, and for working productively with hostile parts of self in a dissociative client. Released 1994.

Rage Reduction
(#241, 70 min.)
Rage reduction vs. anger management
Contraindications for doing rage reduction
Contracting for limits and safety procedures
Guided imagery techniques in rage reduction
Time distortion techniques in rage reduction
Recognizing and neutralizing injunctions against anger

Working with Difficult Alters
(#242, 69 min.)
Special needs of hostile alters
Impulses to hurt self and others
Establishing a therapeutic alliance
Getting consensus from the system
Accessing pain and sorrow
Getting distance from overwhelming feelings
Remembering the basics of psychotherapy

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About the Presenter

David Calof is a working clinician in Seattle, WA, who also frequently consults and lectures internationally on the treatment of sexual abuse, posttraumatic stress, the dissociative disorders, hypnotherapy, and family therapy. He is clinical consultant to the Adult Therapy Service and Psychological Trauma Center of the Seattle Mental Health Institute. He is a frequent presenter before such groups as the American Family Therapy Association, the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and the Eastern Regional Conference of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation. He is co-author, with Mary LeLoo, of Multiple Personality and Dissociation: Understanding Incest, Abuse, and MPD.

Program Guides

The Rage Reduction Program Guide includes an excerpt on rage reduction from David Calof’s book, Chronic Self-Injury & Self-Mutilation in Adult Survivors of Incest and Childhood Sexual Abuse: Etiology, Assessment and Intervention, which covers rage reduction methods, rage dump procedure, and a case illustration.

The Program Guide also includes "Basic Treatment and Program Neutralization Strategies", by David W. Neswald, MFCC, and Catherine Gould, PhD, which discusses PACEM reassociation, PDE reassociation, the use of intact programs for counter conditioning, matching enactment with reversal triggers, implementing alter "buddy systems", helping alters share abilities among themselves, therapeutic utilization of total compliance alters, assertive vertical approaches to system exploration, recruitment of cult-loyal alters, identification of internal programmers, and disputation for the concept of the "untreatable MPD patient."

The Difficult Alters Program Guide includes David Calof’s "Handling Difficult Alters Checklist," a one-page list of eleven elements important in working with rageful personalities, and "Difficult Alters: A Client’s Perspective," a two-page paper written by a trauma survivor.

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