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Titles List
Our list of video titles is on the left, most recent at the top. Click on any title to view information about content, pricing, presenters, and trainer’s guide.

Formats and Standards
All of our titles are available in DVD and VHS, and some are available in PAL (European) standard VHS. If you already have some of our VHS programs and would like to upgrade to DVD, you may purchase them for half price. Survivor DVDs are $30 for the upgrade.

Discounts and Offers
(Only one discount per order, please.)
Rent to purchase –
All our video series may be rented to purchase. This applies not only at the time of first rental, but cumulatively; that is, if you rent the same video twice, the third time you rent it you only pay the balance due for purchase.

Complete a set –
Our programs are in sets of two to four videos, and the set price is $25-$85 less than the videos ordered separately. If you purchase one video in a series, you may later purchase the rest of that series by paying the balance rather than the individual price.

Nonprofits –
We offer a 20% nonprofit discount to verified nonprofit organizations.

Preview –
If you wish to preview before purchase, we will be happy to send you transcripts of any of our programs, as well as the text of the trainer’s guide.

Volume discount –
If you purchase two or more video series at the same time, we will deduct $50 from each series price (2 series - deduct $100, 3 series - deduct $150, etc.). For very large orders, contact us for a quote.

Trainer’s Guides –
A trainer’s guide accompanies each video series at no extra cost. The guides may be purchased separately for $15 plus a $5 shipping charge.

Videos for survivors –
These are available for purchase only. They sell for $39.50 each plus $6 shipping, or $35 if purchased with any other video. The set of seven survivor videos is $210 ($30 each), plus $11 shipping, and includes a trainer’s guide.

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