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Valium and its Diverse Use in Clinical Practice

Benzodiazepines and their application

Benzodiazepines find use in a number of stressful and/or painful conditions; it is, however, well known that while these drugs can facilitate the patient’s recovery, they tend to bring practically no change to the condition itself. At the same time, the threshold for drug abuse along with a fast-developing dependency is often reached unexpectedly quickly. That is why patients should buy Valium only after receiving qualified advice from their pharmacist or doctor.

Application of Valium as a Muscle Relaxant

Benzodiazepines have a relaxing effect on central muscles. In this, their ability to bind on the α2 subunit of the GABAA receptor comes into play. These pain relievers are indicated for painful spasticity of skeletal contractible tissues (e.g. in case of cerebral lesions) and for pathological, severe muscle tightness. For a long time, tetrazepam has been in use for this issue. However, the 2013 benefit-risk assessment for tetrazepam produced a negative result due to the increased occurrence of serious skin reactions and in view of this, the approval was suspended. In comparison studies conducted at that period, Valium was still considered a moderately safe antispastic agent.

Application of Valium as an anticonvulsant

Benzodiazepines reduce the central excitability — they are, therefore, suitable for the treatment of diseases with epileptic events. In higher concentrations, they can suppress the high-frequency discharges of neurons during an epileptic seizure. However, Valium in this role will only work as a transition or crisis medication and will not substitute an appropriate long-term therapy, since its effect will grow weaker due with a higher level of tolerance. In acute situations, diazepam (10-20 mg i.v.) is a drug of first choice. Simultaneously, clonazepam will be effective in absence seizures and focal epilepsy.

Application of Valium as a sedative and anxiolytic

Because of their sedative and anxiolytic effect benzodiazepines are used prior to minor surgical procedures and in anesthesia premedication. These substances are of great importance in contemporary intensive care for the continuous sedation of a ventilated patient. In case of complications, benzodiazepine antagonists, e.g. flumazenil can be immediately applied.

Valium (Diazepam) is still widely used in preparations to minor surgical procedures or gastroscopy as patients show few adverse reactions at the usual doses (5-10 mg orally). Midazolam (0.15-0.2 mg/kg) is often used to induce anesthesia because of its faint side effects and short half-life.

The anxiolytic effects of benzodiazepines are also applicable in the treatment of anxiety, restlessness and inner tension. In acute mental disorders with anxiety, panic attacks, and acute myocardial infarction, these drugs pose a valuable treatment option. Even depressive moods can be positively affected by Valium. Its use in anxiety disorders, nevertheless, should always be accompanied by psychotherapeutic consultation.

Discontinuation of benzodiazepines after long-term administration

In low-dose dependencies, patients tend to have taken benzodiazepines over a long period of time without increasing the dose. Such cases can be treated on an outpatient basis. As a rule of thumb, the addiction treatment takes a month for each year the drug has been taken. When a patient has taken benzodiazepines with a relatively short half-life, it is often not possible to achieve a steady, slow decrease in body drug concentration. Therefore, it may be useful in these cases to gradually switch to a long-acting benzodiazepine such as Valium (Diazepam) and only then gradually reduce the dose. If the addicted person is used to a daily dose equivalent to 120 mg of Valium, the dependence treatment may take place in 40 phases of one to two weeks each.

Overall, it takes a full year for a successful restoration in aggravated cases. Basically, healthcare experts distinguish between low-dose and high-dose dependencies before starting the treatment. Addiction to higher doses is common in patients who overdo alcohol and/or other drugs. Here, addiction treat should be performed with outpatients due to anticipated withdrawal symptoms (e.g., seizures) and possible withdrawal psychosis.



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